Assigned Judgments


Collecting money owed on a court judgment is a very specialized profession that requires information, resources, experience, legal skills, and a considerable investment of time and money.

Enforcing a judgment can be difficult for a number of reasons: debtors move, hide thier assets, change their names, and often file for bankruptcy.

Collecting from business debtors can be just as difficult, especially during this economic climate with many companies going out of business and/or selling and hiding their assets.  Companies who are in financial trouble often deliberately run up their payables before they close their businesses.  They may sell some or all of their inventory and equipment, pocket the money, and ultimately forfeit your bill.

Not being familiar with court procedures or obtaining good information about the debtor’s financial situation can also be a major source of frustration.  For most businesses, it becomes tiresome, time consuming, and expensive to try to collect the money owed…So now what do you do?

Sell or assign your judgments to us.  Sequoia Financial Services will:

  • Lower your costs
  • Have access to numerous databases, including those not available to the general public
  • Have access to similar information used by Law Enforcements
  • Increase your recovery rate and add to your bottom line

(English) This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

(Spanish) Esta comunicación es de un cobrador de deudas. Este es un intento de cobrar una deuda y cualquier información obtenida será utilizada para ese propósito.

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