The Utilities collection department of Sequoia Financial Services has exceptionally skilled collection representatives who are familiar with all our clients’ services and billing procedures.  Sequoia provides training programs that introduce new hires to existing laws, policies, and company culture and values.  Our largest client is currently the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, which is the nation’s largest municipal utility.

When performing collection account liquidation of Municipalities/Utilities, Sequoia is sensitive to the negative effects of overzealous recovery efforts and is aware and respectful of the rights of legally responsible relatives, guarantors, and consumers.  This sensitivity ensures that a positive public image of both the client and Sequoia is maintained.

Utilities can benefit substantially from partnering with a professional collection agency to maintain profitable relationships with their customers.  Sequoia employs a group of seasoned collectors and supervisors who are dedicated to the collection of primary and secondary Utility/Municipality portfolios.  Our collection staff is cross-trained to guarantee that we are prepared to handle “peak” periods as necessary.

Sequoia understands that today’s Utilities/Municipalities must answer to tougher regulatory standards, more sophisticated consumer advocacy groups, demanding investors, and continual constituency awareness.

(English) This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

(Spanish) Esta comunicación es de un cobrador de deudas. Este es un intento de cobrar una deuda y cualquier información obtenida será utilizada para ese propósito.

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